Godzilla vs. Kong: The First Official Trailer Breakdown

Godzilla vs. Kong is an upcoming movie produced and marketed by Warner Bros. The company has recently dropped the first official trailer for the movie, and it has jaw-dropping CGI battle scenes. As the name suggests, this movie will feature one of the most gigantic and heroic fictional creatures going one on one. From the beginning to the ending, the trailer is full of mind-blowing CGI generated action scenes.

The plot seems interesting too, and it looks like the company has improved the sound effects and graphics for this movie. The only regret is some people may not be able to see it in the theaters. Watching such powerful effect movies at home is a shame unless you have a 4K or 8k TV at your home along with Dolby home theatre. In many countries, cinemas will open for this movie, but it seems some regions where the panoramic is getting even worse cinemas might not play this movie.

According to Warner Bros, they will launch this movie in the coming March month. It will be available in both cinemas and on HBO Max, so you can also watch it together with your family at your home.

You will see Godzilla destroying the cities, Navy ships, and fighting with the world’s most powerful militaries in the trailer. The trailer suggests Godzilla is pissed off due to some reasons from the human race, and that is why he is destroying everything that comes in his way. We also saw humans asking for help from Kong, the popular giant ape. In the film, we might see authorities capture the giant monkey Kong to use him against Godzilla to protect humanity.

The trailer also features a little girl who somehow has the ability to talk with Kong. It is shown that Kong loves her and wants to protect her. The government may use the girl to communicate with Kong to encourage him to fight from their side with the unstoppable beast Godzilla.

This movie will also feature the past of Kong and how he fought with his past enemies. We will get to see a few fight scenes of Kong and Godzilla in the movie and a final fight of these biggest monsters, going all out against each other.

We will see how Kong deals with Godzilla’s atomic breath, his most lethal and unstoppable weapon. In the trailer, we can see Kong use a unique axe while fighting with Godzilla, and he blocks the atomic breath using it. It looks likes Kong’s axe can drain or block energy in a tremendous amount, allowing Kong to completely dominating Godzilla’s atomic breath.

We have found the whole clip absolutely interesting and a little silly (storywise) as well. Thank you for coming here and enjoying the latest Godzilla VS Kong trailer with us.

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