The Best 5 Alternatives to Android Auto

Android Auto is a pretty amazing mobile app developed by Google that basically projects apps from the phone to the device you connect your phone with. For example, when you pair your Android smartphone with a car, this app projects your smartphone’s apps on your car’s display. The app supports Android music player, navigation, web browsing, SMS, and more. However, this is not a perfect app, and it doesn’t work in every situation. Well, whatever the reason is, here are the best 5 Android Auto alternatives.


AutoMate features a straightforward and intuitive user interface; you can use it very easily. The app is quite similar to Android Auto, but it offers you more features and customization options than that. It lets you make calls, control the music player with voice commands, send messages via voice commands or pressing a number, and more. It also includes route navigation, weather status, speedometer, and shortcuts for various gadgets. A few advanced features also there on the app, such as hands-free gestures, custom wallpapers, traffic camera alerts, and more. But to access these advanced tools, you will have to take a subscription to the app’s premium version.


AutoZen is another great alternative to Android Auto. This app has support for voice commands for certain tasks, such as setting navigation, making phone calls, controlling the music player, checking the weather, and more. Additionally, it features dark background themes, various customizations, and more.


Drivemode is a pretty decent alternative to Android Auto. The app boasts a bunch of basic features, such as support for voice commands for making calls, answering messages, controlling music, and more. It even includes a Do Not Disturb mode that can help you skip calls or messages so that you can completely focus on driving. Additionally, it includes navigation, a decent UI, and many other tools.


Waze is a fantastic navigation app that gives you real-time traffic information, weather report, and more. It even informs you about various real-time events, such as road accidents, police, etc. The app even finds a different route immediately if it detects anything unusual or problems on your route. It has a straightforward user interface and various other useful features that make it one of the best alternatives to Android Auto. It works very nicely, and you should give it a try.

Car Dashdroid

Car Dashdroid is another great alternative to Android Auto that lets you quickly access various apps like Telegram, Whatsapp, etc. It even allows you to reply to incoming messages using voice commands. Additionally, you can customize this app’s background, themes, and many more things. Besides that, the app shows you weather information, battery, temperature, and more. It also includes a compass, speedometer, group apps folders, music controls, and more. It works very nicely, and you should try it.

These are all the apps that we think are the best alternatives to Android Auto; please try a few of the apps mentioned in the list. Thank you for reading this article. Have a nice day!

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