The Topmost Free SVG Tools for Better Graphics

The scalable vector graphics or SVG is a file format that allows the users to display vector images on their websites. It is gaining popularity these days in web design. You can create SVG graphics using tools like Inkscape or Illustrator. But, optimizing for lighter results becomes essential when it comes to web design. Nowadays, more than 80 percent of any webpage can be seen studded with images. Unfortunately, these images can’t adapt to the evolution of the web and change so quickly. It is a general concept that when your image takes more the size of your website, it takes your website longer time to load, which means you are going to lose your leads, potential customers, visitors, and ultimately your business. SVG is a powerful format that scales naturally without losing quality.

For users’ convenience, we have a wide range of tools that can help you work with SVG efficiently and quickly. These are mostly online tools that can help you make patterns, conversion, optimization, and many more.


The simple tool can be used to optimize photos and images and then turn them into the format of base64. You can grab the CSS with the image of the base64 background after dropping your SVG images.

Interactive SVG Coordinate System

The exceptional interactive tool introduced by Sara Souiden helps the users learn about the functioning of SVG coordinates. You can use the preserveAspectRatio and viewBox on SVG to play guided by purple and orange lines and a handy ruler while learning SVG’s coordination function.


The tools turn the SVGO’s command line into the GUI version, which is easy to use and intuitive. You can activate or deactivate every feature only by toggling the buttons. In the end, it will help you to grab the result as code and image files.


The users can use this tool to remove hidden elements, comments, or editor metadata. You can install using the GUI versions or through npm. The GUI version offers a drag and drop feature to process the optimization of SVG.

SVG to PNG converter

The SVG to PNG converter tool can help you export your SVG files to PNG form without opening any other application like Illustrator. You can get URI PNG Base64 data and images in PNG format.


The tool helps you to get the optimized version of the SVG that you have exported right from your Illustrator workspace.

SVG Sprite

The tool based on the Node.js module optimizes SVG files in the bunch and bakes them into sprite-types of SVG that includes SVG stacks, traditional CSS sprites for foreground-background images, and many more.

SVG Circus

You can use SVG Circus to create loader animations. The tool enables the users to make their spinner, loader, or anything that resembles looped animation. You will need to set the Actor position, color, size, and other things from the panel. Further, you can export to get the results.

Plain Pattern

The users can use this tool to upload their image, change or scale down the spacing, recolor and rotate them until they get a beautiful pattern.


The users can use this tool to generate Quasicrystal images and play around switching to various options. After then, you can use the ‘Save SVG’ button to download the results.

Trainglify Generator

The tool is useful when it comes to creating beautiful geometric patterns based on SVG. You can set the variant, color randomness, granularity size, and then a color palette.

SVG Filters

With SVG, you can add many effects to images like saturation, hue, linear color overlay, blur, and many others. The SVG Filters tool visualizes these effects and gives the users a snippet making it easy for them to embed that effect into their project.

SVG Morpheous

The JavaScript library allows its users to morph an icon based on SVG from one shape to another. Besides, the users can set rotation direction, duration of transition animations, and easing effect.


It is a type of library that can be used to create highly responsive and customizable charts. The tool utilizes SVG for displaying graphs. You can make pie charts, bar charts,  line chart,  and many other types of maps. Plus, you can also add animation to these charts.

Clip path generator

The tool helps users click the clip of images with a polygonal shape or many points.

Method Draw: A Simple SVG Editor

The web-based SVG editor has an intuitive interface packed with lots of tools on the canvas’s sides. You can draw shapes, lines, use in-built shapes, or input text. After then, you can edit the drawn objects’ properties and export the image in SVG format or save it in PNG format directly.

Export Flash to animated SVG

You can use this tool to work on CS6, CS5, and CC and export into SVG format when it comes to Shape Tweens, Classic Motion Tweens, Bitmaps, and Symbols.

The users use points, shapes, and lines to create a vector image. They can scale these vector images to any size without losing their quality. These vector images are used in the best ways for various elements like icons, logos, illustrations, and typography.  The tools mentioned above help improve your performance and web designing skills to a great extent. With these best graphic design tools, you can stand apart in the crowd and prove your skills.

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