A Few Tricks You Need to Try on Google Maps

Google Maps is full of great features like customization tools, hidden navigation, and geospatial search. It is very much like a Swiss Army Knife. The tips and tricks that we will provide the users help unlock the full potential of this map app.

Google maps have entirely changed the way people navigate throughout the world. It’s mobile, and desktop apps have made this navigation much more comfortable than we ever have thought. With this navigation app, you can reach point A to B on foot, through the car, or through public transportation. This is a ubiquitous service introduced by Google and a geospatial search engine around us for the world.

Meanwhile, Google always tries to improve and revamp its map app introducing many features such as commuter and augmented reality options. There are several hidden functions and customization tools that Google has baked into its map app. Most users are not aware of these hidden functions and customization tools like Incognito Mode. Our tips will help you to optimize your Google Maps for your needs.

Customize the icon of your vehicle

Google allows its users to customize the icon of their vehicle as per their choice. You can choose the car that you want to show up on your navigation in Android and iOS apps while driving. Open the app and plug in the startup driving and destination directions. You will need to click on the icon showing your current location. After then, a pop-up menu will appear with several options of car icons like an SUV, a sedan, or a pickup truck.

Plotting Multiple Locations

It rarely happens that people’s trip consists of a direct route, i.e., going from point A to point B. Most courses consist of something like the library to the cafe, to any friend’s house. Google has made it possible to anticipate exact and real trips. You will need to enter the starting point of your journey and the ultimate destination you want to reach to add multiple destinations in Google Maps’ mobile app.

Further, you will have to click on the three dots appearing in the top right corner. After then, you will be prompted to a pop-over menu having the option allowing you to “Add stop.” After clicking on the option, you will be allowed to add your route with multiple stops. Also, you will get the option to drop and drag stops within your itinerary.

Accessing Google Maps Offline

Google Maps is handy on mobile apps, but sometimes it creates a problem when you need the maps app the most. You may get limited coverage in some places. In such circumstances, Google helps its users by allowing offline access to Google Maps. To navigate the area when you are offline, you will need to go to the bottom of the screen and swipe left on the menu. Next, click on the download the map option. Within the downloaded section, you can get turn-by-turn directions and information about businesses in the specific region.

 With a Single Click, You Can Find Directions

To find out the direction of where you are going, you will need to enter your destination address, or you may right-click on the map. You will be prompted to a pull-down menu, which can be used to find directions.

Find Accessible Locations and Transit Routes

People with mobility issues can use Google Maps to search for wheelchair-accessible locations and transit routes. To find the transit routes and locations, you will need to click on Options. Then, click on Wheelchair accessible to look for bus or train directions. The settings for Accessible Places will provide you the information regarding wheelchair accessibility about that specific location. To turn it on, you will need to go to Settings and then click on Accessibility. After the, you will need to click on the Accessible places option.

At last, toggle it on the option “When Accessible Places is switched on.” When you toggle on it, an icon of the wheelchair will indicate the accessible entrance. The user will see if the specific place has accessible parking, seating, or restrooms.

You Can Measure Any Distance

You can use the right-click tool to find the distance of any two points or places on Earth. First of all, you will need to select the option “Measure Distance.” It will drop a point. You will need to click on the map anywhere else. It will help you to calculate the distance between the two specific destinations.

The hidden functions and customization tools do not end here. The features are countless that can augment the use of Google Maps for you. You can do many other things with Google Maps, which includes Street viewing into ‘Mars On Earth,’ sharing favorite places, finding safe locations for drug disposal, and charging stations for electric vehicles. Also, it includes adding view images of your street, time-traveling with Google Maps,  sharing your site, going incognito, and many more other features.

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