Here Is Everything About Game Mode On Windows 10 PCs

If you have a computer with Windows 10, you should know that your PC has Game Mode. Microsoft launched it with Windows 10 Creators Update in April 2017 to make the gaming performance better. Let’s see more about it.

Game Mode

As I have mentioned above, Microsoft launched Game Mode with Windows 10 Creators Update in April 2017 to improve gaming performance. Microsoft officially claims that Game Mode “helps achieve a more stable frame rate depending on the specific game and system.”  

Further, it finds the games on a PC and provides access to the right resources. The game you want to play requires more CPU and GPU access. But other functions and applications don’t need more resources to perform activities. It happens only if the operating system notices that you want to play a game. Microsoft also says that if Game Mode is enabled on a PC, Windows update doesn’t allow automatic installation of hardware drivers to eliminate disruptions. 

Game Mode and System Performance

On Game Mode, your computer’s performance depends on various additional elements, including the system’s hardware, background, and applications & functions. The gaming performance may increase if the game competes with the other running software of the computer. According to the 2017 PC Game test, Game Mode improves the gaming performance a bit on the low-end hardware. 

By defaultGame Mode 

Game Mode automatically finds the running game on a PC to take the required actions. So, while doing other activities like web browsing and using office applications, Game Mode can’t take any actions. 

Further, after launching a game, Windows 10 considers the game as a priority over other components running on a computer. So, by default, Game Mode on a PC is useful. It reacts when you launch a game. 

Problems with Game Mode  

Many users who have used Game Mode on their computers say that Game Mode affects system performance. It may affect the system’s performance in some situations, but it should work correctly. 

As per, in providing more hardware resources to a game and not taking background activities on priority, Game Mode can take the necessary help from the background tasks. That slows down the game. If we see the other reason, it may be a problem with specific games and graphics drivers. 

After all, if you face several problems, including stutters, crashes, and freezes with a PC game, disabling the Game Mode may be the ultimate solution. 

Disabling and enabling Game Mode 

You can find Game Mode easily on your Windows 10 PC. To access the Game Mode, go to the Settings and then click on Gaming. In the Gaming section, you will find Game Mode. By default, it is enabled, but you can disable it too. You can disable it easily by turning off the toggle button. Now you have successfully disabled Game Mode on your PC. 

Please note that no options are available to disable or enable Game Mode manually for a specific game on the newer versions of Windows 10. The 2017 Creators update allows you to enable or disable Game Mode for particular games on the Xbox Game Bar interface, but this feature has now been removed. According to the latest Windows 10 update of October 2020, it has been completely removed from the newer Xbox Game Bar. You can only use the toggle button to turn Game Mode on or off system-wide. Windows 10 will automatically enable it if any running game is found. You can’t allow it manually. 

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