How to Use Google Authenticator on Windows 10

Protecting your online account is a wise idea. Many people nowadays use two-factor authentication to keep their online accounts safe and secure. Whether you sign in to your Gmail account or a YouTube channel, you are often asked to enable two-factor authentication. It adds a second layer to the sign-in process and asks you to enter a secret code that lets you enter your account. Once your username and password are leaked, your account may be at risk. To keep your online accounts safe and secure, you can use Google Authenticator. Here is how to use Google Authenticator on your PC.

Find Confidential Code for the Google Account

You need to open your Google account to locate the secret code for the Google account, go to the “Security” option. Scroll down until you see the “Sign In” option, then you need to click on the “2-step verification” option. Sign in again if you are asked to do so. If you have not yet enabled 2-factor authentication with your mobile device, click on the “Set up” option. You will see a pop-menu; you can choose either iPhone or Android. Choose “Next” to go ahead.

When you select a device, you will receive a code on your phone. Click the “Next.” As you click “Next,” you will see a QR code to scan, but choose the “Can’t scan it?” option. The code for the account will be displayed in the box on the screen. It may be 32-character-long. Note the code. After that, click on Next.

It is recommended to keep the page open to finish the process. After you have saved the code, you will need to install the two-factor authentication app on your mobile device.

Install the Multi-Factor Authentication Application on Windows 10

There are several apps that make it possible to install a two-factor authenticator on Windows 10. They can be paid. If you are searching for an open-source two-factor authenticator app, WinOTP Authenticator may be excellent and easy to install. The first and foremost thing to do is to download WinOTP Authenticator on your Windows PC. After it has been successfully installed, open it, and select the + icon that appears at the bottom.

Save the Google account information here. Type “Google” under the “Service” option. Type username and email address. Now, type 32-character code in the given space below the “Code” option. Ensure you have entered all the required details correctly, then click the “Save” button to save it.

If your attempt is successful, you will see a 6-digit code. Now, open the Google Authenticator App Setup webpage, click on Set up. Type the code that you received in the WinOTP Authenticator app. Click the “Verify” button to continue. After verification, WinOTP will start working as a default app for the account. To log in to the account, you will need WinOTP to get the secret code. You can remove the application any time if you want. You can install the Authenticator extension in your Google Chrome also.


Two-factor authentication is a modern security system that keeps your online accounts safe and secure. We have explained the steps to secure an account with two-factor authentication and protect your account from being hacked. We hope you find the information useful.

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